10 Best Fonts For Creating Great Social Media Posts in 2022!

Muhammad Hasan

Feb 01, 2021

Have you ever noticed that some content on social media posts stands out more than others? Some thumbnails or visual content compels you comparatively more to open and share it?   Well, we are sure most of you have and trust me it’s not a simple coincidence.   There are numerous factors that play an important role in making social media posts more attractive to users. One can consider these factors and can make his or her post on social media super to uber.   But the question that may arise here is why it is this important to make something on social media attractive for its user? The answer to this question is simple, as we see that social media is ruling the world.   It’s that fastest and no doubt, the easiest way to reach a mega audience around the globe in the matter of few minutes. One can broadcast information, do digital marketing, visual branding and whatnot with social media.   With social media that options a limitless!   As you know social websites have millions of social media posts on it so what can you do to make your post stand out? There are many ways which can help you boost the magnetism of your post and gain a better audience.   And one of a very significant one of these ways is to choose the right font. The preference of using a particular font style changes constantly with changing trends.   In this article, we will talk about ten fonts using which you can make amazing posts for social media.  

How Fonts Are Important For Great Social Media Posts?

Using the right font can make or break a post. It’s a factor that can make good content better. Even boring content can be uplifted if one chooses to use the right font.   And similarly using a wrong font can make fantastic content go to waste. The font has a great connection with the users. It carries the tone of the content.   Using the right font can ensure a successful image and hence a post that can boost your marketing and help your content perform better.   This is why one must choose the right font for his or her post on social media. Of this, one should have the knowledge of the basic font types as well as the newer trends related to fonts.

What are the major types of fonts?

Here are the four major types of fonts:   Serif This font type has small embellished lines added to every letter. It is used in more formal content! San-Serif This font type does not have the decorative lines. It is readable and multipurpose! Script It is more like handwriting. It is commonly used in headlines, etc. Decorative This font type is usually used in artworks or images, etc. but it’s not very famous among social media content.

10 Best Fonts To Use For Social Media Posts in 2022!

Here are the ten best fonts that can guarantee in a great post on social media    1. Moranga This font style just got out and has made a great entrance. This style gives a retro feel like old fonts cooper, souvenir, etc. It was launched by Latino type! social media posts It is a great choice for making a great impact, especially for headlines. It consists of around 400 letters and supports many Latin-script languages.   2. Goldplay Goldplay is a very friendly and interactive font as it presents rounded terminals which give it a softer look. It’s an excellent option for logos, headlines and books and magazine’s graphics etc. it has evolved from Isidora Sans.   social media posts   3. Anguita Sans This font comes from the Sans serif family and hence provides a friendly and more readable look. social media posts Its adaptable style allows creating more attractive and user-friendly content.it can be easily used for short sentences, titles.   4. Jeko Launched in Sep 2020, Jeko is the newer version of Aventa. It comes from geometrical sans serif family and consist of sharp corners, basic shapes gives a refined look. social media posts So if you are confused between serif and sans serif then jeko is just the right option for you and is amazing for interface designs.   5. Open Sans Mobile optimization is something that cannot be ignored these days as most of the social media users use mobile. Open sans has some new mobile optimizations that make it even more popular among the users. It is also expected to be one of the top fonts in 2021.   social media posts   6. Olivetta Belonging to the sans family, Olivetta gives a very refined look and is popular among the designers using words as images. social media posts Its script is a combination of thick and thin lines between characters which creates an effect that visually strengths the font. It’s great for using in short sentences as well as passages.   7. Trust Sans Trust Sans is a true member of the sans family. As it targets more formal content like for cooperating related content. It’s categorized further into two versions.   trust sans One is the formal version and the other is a more casual version of this font. It gives a good opportunity for designers focusing on branding and other cooperate related content.   8. Montserrat Montserrat gives is the right option for you if you are confused between too formal or too casual. It gives great readability and also a hint of ceremonial. It can also blend in with any design and gives it the finesse it needs.   social media posts   9. Novecento Novecento has become very popular in web design. It’s a full family with different types of fonts but all of the same essence. It’s imposing and makes your post be the center of attention due to its high stroke and shape. It works perfectly for a clothesline or a club, as long as you use it wisely.   novecento   10. Helvetica It is one of the most loved fonts by designers around the world. What makes it most loved by everyone is its clean-cut charterers. It was design is perfect for sentences and passages and is perfect for digital marketing.   helvetica These were ten fonts for creating better and attractive content that can boost your post big time on social media. We hope that this blog can help you some in creating finer content.  

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